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To the Magic of Prayer Community

Inclusive -- From Agnosticism to Zoroastrianism
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to the Magic of Prayer Community!

You are welcome to post a prayer request here. Blessings for pets, new endeavors, friends, illnesses, life changes -- no sincere request is out of bounds! Feel free to friend us!

Prayer is a powerful force. The posters to this community request your prayers, blessings, and good thoughts. You are encouraged to also invoke the Divine on their behalf, in whichever form you may choose.

This community is inclusive and strictly non-denominational. Humans of all spiritual persuasions are welcome to post their prayer requests here.

Since you've made it here, PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING:

1. This community is not a democracy. Moderator's decisions are final, but may be appealed by email.

2. Intolerance will not be tolerated! *grins* All unkind, intolerant, or flaming posts (and comments at magic_of_prayer) will be summarily deleted. (See #1.)

3. Comments have been disabled. If you have a burning desire to comment, please use magic_of_prayer. There will always be a "General Comments" entry there for you to post your observations.

4. If you post a prayer request, would you please consider choosing another to pray for? This way the blessings are multiplied. Thanks.

The moderator will view these pages every day, and promises to fulfill each request at least once. Feel free to request special observances such as rosaries, mantra japa, silent contemplation, etc.

Thank you for visiting the Magic of Prayer Community. Many blessings upon you!